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1] Freedom from torture.


3] Right to state sponsored full education until the age of legal adulthood, and further education for
the top 5% of any educational institution.

4] No Corruption or bribery in our Government, Legal System or Bureaucracy's. Corruption of the
voting process by Corporations, or Individuals will be punished by seizure of 70% of assets, and at
least 10 years in jail, for all involved. Corruption of any other form of the government will have a
minimum of 30% of assets seized and 5 years in jail, for all involved.

5] Right to life, liberty, security of person, intellectual and physical property.

6] THE LEAST BUREAUCRACY POSSIBLE, with a clear meritocratic structure of responsibility
and accountability.

7] Health Care for all, but legally sane adults may be asked to contribute in cases of continual
irresponsible abuses of their health.

8] Right to privacy, unless due process of law has been observed.

9] Legal Presumption of innocence, but past actions and arrests can be admitted as
evidence of probable behaviour and evidence of BAD character [#1. check out the
appendix for validated reasons].

10] Right to equal pay for equal work.

11] Right to accurate information from any government source.

12] Freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention and exile, without due process of law.

13] Right to a fair AND TIMELY trial.

14] Freedom of physically NON VIOLENT association.

15] Freedom of physically NON VIOLENT assembly.

16] Freedom of physically NON VIOLENT opinion and expression.

17] Freedom of thought, conscience and physically NON VIOLENT religion.

18] Freedom of movement


20.] VOTING with full Identity measures in place with the most accurate technology for
full personal identification; however the vote is considered completely confidential.*

21] Equality in law for all gender’s, sexuality's, ages, and ethnicity's before the law.

22.] Right to effective remedy from the law, right to a jury of peers, and right to appeal

23.] Prohibition of retrospective law.

24.] Right to participation in government, for all people who pass the comprehension

25.] Right to fair comprehension questionnaires.

26.] If there is Government seizure of property, there must be compensation at current
market value, unless the property is seized as punishment for a crime.

27.] As a citizen you have a duty not to commit a crime, and a moral obligation to
prevent a crime and to report a crime.

28.]Any seizure of assets in punishment for a crime is proportional of said assets, not by a
set amount.

29.] People have the right to refuse healthcare unless they are mentally unfit as proved in
a court or are legally under-age.

30.] Every citizen has the right to vote on any matter, no matter there legal situation, even if they
are a convicted criminal, or under age as long as they pass the comprehension questionnaire.

31.] People have the right to demand a new comprehension questionnaire information
pack, if that information could be proved to be unreasonably biased, as long as the new
questionnaire pack is demanded at least 4 weeks before the vote is to be cast. They can call for a reissue
at any time if there is deemed, necessary, or hidden information in the yellow attachment, in
that case a full investigation in to the relevant bureaucracies will be launched.

32.] The comprehension questionnaire is to show basic knowledge and understanding of
the subject to be voted on. It is also in place to show an inclination of care, and
government participation by the individual. It will be assumed that if the questionnaire is
over 70% accurate that the person has taken the time to understand the subject.

33.] The comprehension questionnaire's information and details of its subject matter must
be published online and in all standard forms of media, and must be published in specialist forms
such as Braille, or any other medium necessary for disabled citizen at least three months prior the
general vote.

34.] The right to protect oneself, one's family and possessions.

35.] There is NO death penalty [#2].

36.] The Government has the right to imprison or/and financially punish, or/and put to
work, people convicted of crimes through due process of law.

37.] The Government has the right to use truth drugs and tests in cases of suspected
terrorism and national security, and to ask for it in other cases after due process. The
accused may ask or decline to use the truth tests, but to decline may lead to prejudice in a
court of law, unless sound medical reasoning can be given. All use of truth drugs, test's
etc must be carried out with an independent medical practitioner, and an independent human rights
observer and legal representation for the accused must be present.

38.] The Government has the right to issue and collect tax's.

39.] The Government has the right to conscript an army.

40.] The People have the right to call for a paper ballot in constitutional or controversial
votes if requested by 30% of the population.

41.] The People have the right to the details of the government budget, except in the case
of direct national security. In the cases of national security the complete details must be
published within 10 years unless the activities are still ongoing.

42.] The right to government aid, or free legal representation in criminal case's against a
government body.

43.] The State can only finance secular schools.

44.] All schools, including faith schools, have a duty to provide accurate and balanced
information to their pupils on all faiths and subjects.

45.] All citizens have the right to vote for any bureaucrat in a representative office.

46.] Any money spent on advertising, in any form of media, to influence a proposition by
any individual, group, or corporation can not exceed by 20% the opposition's media exposure, air
time or budget.

47.] All propositions are linked to their funding in the same vote.

48.] There must be a facility for legislation to be nominated, and or rejected by the citizens.

49.] The comprehension questionnaire should be structured so that an average person should be able
to understand it, and pass it.

50.] The ministers votes for all representative posts will be public, and all the minutes of meetings
between all ministers, and under ministers must be fully published, unless secrecy is needed for
national security. Ministers comprehension questionnaire votes are private.

51.] In the question of privacy and confidentiality in voting, the government may request the
permission of the individual, and ask how they voted, when concerned over corrupt voting
practices, and may after due process take that information from their data base. The individual may
also request the information on how they voted to be made public.

 Rights & Obligations

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